Research & Codes

Here we bring together in one place active research we are engaged in. Much of this takes the form of computational essays which, in our case, are mostly Python-based Jupyter notebooks.

Each post provides a concise overview over a relevant concept which is then followed up with a reference to the corresponding Github repository. Notebooks in Github repos in turn can be opened via Notebook Viewer (nbviewer) to fully appreciate graphs, animations etc. online. Most repos can also be opened in Google Colab which allows for direct interaction with the code.

We are building a community so we’d love you to get involved. You can of course contact us directly - we are very friendly 🙂 . In addition, if you are feeling comfortable with GitHub, then feel free to:

  • Make suggestions, share ideas and feedback on specific repos by creating Github Issues.

  • Make contributions directly to repos by first creating your own copy of the repo (otherwise known as a fork) before making changes and then doing a GitHub Pull Request